Binary Selections – LANDLOCKED FUNK – 5 Feminized Autoflower Seeds



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  • Sex: Feminized
  • Lineage: Lost Coast Skunk x Nami

Product Info

  • For our fourth creation we’d like to introduce Landlocked Funk. As long time fans of the classic skunk strains we felt we could add to the amazing selection of skunk genetics by crossing a Lost Coast Skunk from HSO with our Nami. The plan was to reinvigorate the depth of the skunk by adding a level of funk to the mix.
  • This blend exceeded our expectations. The Nami always bring size and trich coverage to anything we have crossed it with. The flower to leaf ratio is one of the best we have ever created. This makes harvest a breeze. Density was off the charts on the spear shape buds. She has been grown in a number of environments and under a multitude of grow regimes, and she has handled them all with amazing results.
  • The funk factor that the Nami brought to the mix can’t be understated. From the pepper scent of the classic skunks she has brought out an incredibly complex bouquet that will impress even the toughest critics. Trichome coverage has even extended to the stems on this beauty. Making it perfect for extraction artists as well as edible makers. Every part of this plant can be used in some form of extraction.
  • Size is something to take into account though. She can get large. We’ve seen an average of 3’ in one and two gallon containers and as large as 4’ in three gallon fabric pots. Training is highly encouraged. Perfect candidate for topping, LST and supercropping. Yields will vary depending on light intensity and nutrient regimen. 2oz can easily be obtained in small grows with that number easily doubling with a larger setup.

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Binary Selections

Strain Name



Auto Flower





Flowering Time

75-80 Days from sprout



Seeds Per Pack

5 Seeds / Pack

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