Current Promotions

All Freebies are While Supplies Last!! If it is not added to your cart at checkout, that means we have run out of that particular freebie.

Many of our freebies come in small vials that sometimes stick to the inside of the wrapping tissue.  If you are missing a freebie, please double check the packaging,  99% of the time that’s where they are found.

Every Order will receive 1 of the following, please note:

  • You will receive 1 or the other, not both.  We want to provide our photoperiod growers photo freebies and provide our autoflower growers autoflower freebies.  
  • If you have both types in your cart, we have the default set to add the photoperiod freebies.  If you have a preference for the other, please make a comment in the customer notes section at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate you.  This is not a guarantee.

PHOTOPERIOD seed orders will receive:

  • FREE 3 pack of Humboldt Seed Company‘s “BLUEBERRY CUPCAKE” (Wedding Cake x Blueberry Muffin) feminized photoperiod seed with every purchase.  Limit 1 per customer per week, while supplies last.

 AUTOFLOWER seed orders will receive:

  • FREE 2 Pack of Gnome Automatics “MOTH MAN” feminized autoflower seeds with every purchase. Limit 1 per customer per week, while supplies last.

Bean Drop Genetics

  • FREE 12+ Pack of either “SHERM HEMSLEY” or “THISTLE BEACH” regular seeds with every  Bean Drop Genetics pack ordered.  These seeds are already sealed inside the containers and we do not know which packs have which freebies inside.  

Binary Selections

Bloom Seed Co

  • FREE 5 Pack of “A-11” Regular Seeds with every Bloom Seed Co order.

Cannarado Genetics

  • FREE 5 Pack of “SKUNK ’91 x GELATTI” regular seeds with every  Cannarado Genetics order.

Envy Genetics

  • FREE 6 pack of “Moon Blow” (Moon Bow 112 x Blow Pops BX1) regular  seeds with every Envy Genetics order.

Exotic Genetix

  • FREE 3 pack of “Too Cool” (Runtz x Scotty 2 Hotty) feminized seeds with orders that include a Scotty 2 Hotty cross.  LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER

In House Genetics

Mamiko Seeds

  • FREE “Trail Mix” feminized seed with every Mamiko pack ordered. Trail mix is a mix of all of Mamiko’s feminized seeds.  We have no way of knowing which one, thats why it’s called “Trail Mix”.

Savage Genetics

  • FREE 3 pack of “Ga$ Money” feminized seeds with every order Savage Genetics order.
  • FREE Savage Genetics swag with every purchase (while supplies last)

Sin City Seeds

  • FREE 5 pack of TANGERINE SINMINT (Tangerine Power x SinMint)  regular seeds when you purchase 1 Sin City Seeds pack.
  • + FREE 5 pack of WEDDING MINTS (Wedding Cake x SinMint) regular seeds when you purchase 2 Sin City Seeds packs.
  • + FREE 5 pack of ORANGE MOJITO (Orange Cookies x SinMint Cookies) regular seeds when you purchase 3 Sin City Seeds packs.

StarFire Genetix

  • FREE 2 pack of “Supreme Oreoz” (Gary Payton x Oreoz) feminized seeds with every StarFire Genetix  pack ordered.

Surfr Seeds

  • Buy any  Surfr Seeds packs and receive a random FREE Pack of 15 Regular Seeds.  This list is constantly changing  and the packs you receive will be randomly selected.  For example, the free packs include some of the following strains, this list is not all inclusive:
    • King’s Blend F1
    • Golden Pineapple x Cow God
    • Unknown Cookies x Unknown Cookies 
    • Trophy Wife Crosses – Citrus Tsunami, Montana Silver Tip, East Coast Sour Diesel
    • Redneck Wedding Crosses – Canna Tsu, Heavy Duty Fruity

Tree 1 Four Genetics

  • FREE 5 pack of “CHOCOLOPE x BANANA FOSTER” Regular Photoperiod seeds with every Tree 1 Four Genetics order.

Twenty20 Mendocino

  • FREE 2 pack of “WHISKEY ZULU F3” (Watermelon Zkittlez(F4) x Trizzlers(F2))  Feminized Autoflower seeds with orders that include a Twenty20 Mendocino Autoflower 6 pack.

Wolfpack Selections

  • FREE 3 pack of Feminized seeds with every Wolfpack Selections  pack purchased.  Each freebie pack will include one of the following:
    • Zookies x (Bcc x Jealousy)
    • Ricky Bobby (Apple Fritter x Cheetah Piss)
    • Bitters (Jealousy x Cheetah Piss)